Falcons Finally Have A Chance To Get Off To A Good Start In The Opening Month

There are seven clubs that are candidates for rebound status in 2006 the seven flopped relatively miserably in 2005, averaging only 6.6 victories and three of the clubs finishing in last place in their divisions. They are: Atlanta, Green Bay, Minnesota, the New York Jets, Philadelphia, St. Louis and San Diego. All made the postseason in 2004, and the Eagles played in Super Bowl XXXIX.

The Atlanta Falcons have never won consecutive campaigns in the 40-year history of the franchise. The Falcons are under intense pressure from ownership to win big in 2006 and probably we will find the truth about them two polarized very polarized performances. The consequence of owner Arthur Blank’s off-season spending and the all defensive renovations promulgated by general manager Rich McKay and Mora could be, even in what figures to be a fiercely contended NFC South, a rebound return to postseason play.

Team officials have made no pretense about their snooty expectations for 2006. Although, the Falcons seem to be flying undetected, management expects the team to ascend, and much of the off-season actions that the team has taken about their roster and trainings, particularly on the defensive side, were designed to produce immediate results.

Despite the fact, the Falcons face eight 2005 playoff teams, including the Super Bowl champion Pittsburgh Steelers, their schedule ranks as just the 15th most difficult in the league. The NFC South has become a challenging division. So the Falcons will get an early measure of their worthiness. They face all three divisional foes, including a season opener at Carolina, in their first three outings.

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