This page is for parcting LaTex

I wonder whether the original setting still works or not…

It seem it still works.

Basic operation:

strat mathsupsub
integralsquare rootfraction
partial differentialtimesdivide

MORE: wiki and Instruction

First, try integral of a function f(x)=5^{x-4y^{(6z-3) \times 3z }}+6z-4x^2 from -2 to 5.

\int_{-2}^5f(x)dxdydz=\int_{-2}^5{5^{x-4y^{(6z-3) \times 3z }}+6z-4x^2}dxdydz

try another one

Calculate the following equation:

\int_{-{\infty}}^{+{\infty}}f(x)dx=\int_{-{\infty}}^{+{\infty}} \frac{\sin\,x^2}{\cos\,x^2}dx